Reg. Office: Rooms 403-404 Gee Tuck Bldg., 18 Bonham Strand, Central, Hong Kong Tel: 852-25073069 Fax:852-25074599

Beijing : Tel: 010-63101382 Fax:010-63103936       GuangZhou : Tel: 020-87373329 Fax: 020-87383699

Postal address: GPO BOX 6556 Central, Hong Kong         E-Mail: info@k-wah.com

K-Wah has a specific trade mark for pumps and valves delivered to China Projects which carries a life time service guarantee

K-Wah 's goal is to offer the finest quality, highest value products available today. Our highly experienced staff provide the customer solutions to pumps ,valves and actuator requirements with the best turn-around in the industry.

K-Wah  Pumps ,Valves and Actuators are used in virtually every industry including Power, Nuclear, Gas and Oil, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Steel, Pharmaceuticals .

K-Wah employs well experienced Technicians with an average industry experience of 15 years. All assemblies are calibrated, tested and properly packaged to assure that the user receives the exact product required for their application. Complete IOMs are shipped with each order. Every Actuator and Actuated Assembly is provide with a serial number upon completion which provides for easy Traceability. Additionally, K-Wah products may be furnished with CMTR’s if requested at time of order.

As we continue to grow and become a major supplier to the industry, K-Wah will add the necessary people, inventory and new product designs to set us to a new frontier in the modernization of China!